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United States Postal Service is an Independent agency Govern by the United States Government. This Agency is Providing Postal Services Since July 1971.

USPS Tracking is upgraded by door-to-door tracking feature with 11 scans. Provide Detailed Information Regarding Carrier Delivery When you are not at home, So you can never miss out any delivery. Now Receive text alerts on your Mobile Phone, or You can all text Your USPS tracking number to USPS and SEND it to 28777 to check a package's status on the from anywhere at anytime.

Note: Standard Message and Data rates may apply.

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How to Track USPS Tracking Package or Shipment

A postal package sent by the service of United States (USPS) is a piece of mail that you can track from its origin to its destination, whether you're the sender or recipient. When a postal packet is sent, it is assigned a tracking number that you can use to find out where. Track a shipment with USPS is very simple; You can do it on your computer 24  hours a day.

Gets your postal parcel tracking number? This number appears on the receipt given to you at the time of shipment. You can also contact the sender to provide you the tracking number. If you ordered an item online, selling company would provide the tracking number in an email to the shipment on

Enter your tracking number into the Blank field provided above. These codes contain letters and numbers. Click on "Track" and observes the history of shipping of your item. You can see when and where it was sent, where it has been, where it is currently and when scheduled delivery at the final destination.

Enter Your Tracking Number
Click "Track" Button.

As easy as opening a cane of coke. If you do not have Tracking Number, then you need to register yourself on the Official site of United States Postal Services.

What is USPS Tracking Number?

USPS Tracking Number is a bar code that is printed on your shipping label or Printed on the Slip or Bill you get from the courier services. This Bar Code allows the Customer to Track How your Item Moves from city to city to reach you. That's the only information every customer eagerly wants to know. You may also call it Form 152 which you may need to fill by your own at the post office or courier service department. If you have this Tracking Number, then you can track Your Package here at or on the official USPS website.

usps tracking

This tracking code is essential to track your package online and also this code may help you to avail other services like Collecting your Delivery, Return Receipt, Insurance, Special Handling and Restricted Delivery.

Track Delivery of USPS packages, Priority Mails, International Shipments, Courier using USPS tracking number. The customer can print the shipping label and can choose email option to get the tracking number through your email.

USPS provide a Tracking number to their clients so that they can track product delivery status. This makes USPS Services the most valuable and caring services provide by any posting organizations. As customer can track their package online simplify the customer services.

Note: USPS doesn't allow the customer to track few kind of items such as Letters, Flat Pieces, Periodical mails, Standard mail letters as well.

Do I need to Pay a fee to avail this Service?

No, USPS Services and USPS Postage Calculator is Completely free of cost services. You can avail this service if You have chosen the USPS Postal Services for your package delivery.

Note: You may require paying a fee for this service for particular kind of Mails such as Standard Mail. You can even Opt-out for this service if you do not want to track your Mails.

USPS International Courier Tracking

When you buy something from online stores abroad and when you ask for free shipping or the cheapest you will be offered to ship by traditional Postal Services.

An international postal mailing unlike a shipment by premium packages such as DHL, post, UPS, etc. has the disadvantage of traveling as slow as possible as it will travel along with thousands or millions of parcels that are going to reach the same destination. Instead, when you make a shipment by the premium package, you will be by plane to the office closest to your final destination and usually take a week or two when a lot.

Why does it take so long to get my international shipping?

The International shipments by certified mail are very cheap compared to a shipment per premium package but the time of arrival to your destination can go from one month to 6 months. This is because it travels most of the time slowly by land or sea in case of being from another continent-crossing the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean and they are not so easy to trace if you want to know when you will arrive. In a shipment of a premium package, The parcel will give you a tracking code which serves to enter the website of the parcel and track where your package is at all times.

In premium packages like USPS, Courier, DHL or FedEx you can consult the location and situation of your package in real time. With a lag of very few minutes and in some like USPS or FedEx you can even request that you be alerted by text message to your cell phone or by email of every move that has your shipment.

USPS Tracking Priority mail service

United States (USPS) Postal service offers a variety of services for customers to choose to send a Package or Letter. The service you want, and also the type of item you sent and destination, will determine the cost of shipping. Priority mail is an option available to send letters or packages. There are, however, some restrictions on sending a letter or package by priority mail.

The priority mail delivers your letter or package within a period of two to three days, for domestic shipments, in the majority of cases. You can also send internationally with priority mail. Also, an item of priority mail can be directed to a PO box and includes delivery confirmation. The post office also collects your letter or package priority mail for free when it is ready to be sent.

The priority mail restrictions:

The priority mail has a few specific restrictions. Regardless of the size of the item that it is sent, not may weigh more than 70 pounds (31,75 Kg). There are no specific restrictions on length, width or height. However, the combined maximum size on the longer side and the distance around the thickest part can not measure more than 108 inches.

General restrictions

Certain items cannot be shipped via the U.S. postal service as a whole, such as hazardous materials and tobacco products. Also, send some specific elements prohibited to certain countries. Different countries have specific prohibitions. Before shipping to an international destination via express mail, check the specific restrictions for each country on the USPS website.

How to use priority mail

You can buy a shipping label for priority mail in U.S. Postal service website or person at a local USPS Office. Also, it is possible to place orders for supplies, such as envelopes for Priority shipping and boxes on the USPS website. The USPS offers flat rates that allow you to send anything that fits into the envelope of the appropriate priority mail or box of a default regime, provided you weigh less than 70 pounds.