Free carrier Pickup by USPS

USPS Tracking offers an online tool to request a carrier collection. However, it is up to the individual company to set and implement. Easily schedule cancellation, amending, check availability or researching a carrier collection quickly and easily in an object-oriented environment.

Send and return packages is fast, easy and convenient on No more rows of waiting at the post office. U.S. Postal Service goes to pick up packages for your home or office free of charge at the time and place that is convenient to you to you.


Free Carrier pickup is easy to use

USPS Services is the great solution for online retailers, catalog marketers, distribution and delivery companies and direct distributors seeking means of shipping to good cost for consignments of packages to residential customers.

USPS never Sleep. It is open 24 hours, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Whenever you are ready with your package schedule the free collection, we will be willing to make the collection, available Monday to Saturday.

Visit: and Fill the Form, It is free, The postman will pick up the package. You can also Schedule a pickup for the next day or 3 months in advance that the packages will be ready.

Do you want us to collect your package for delivering it beyond the Lines? Don’t worry. We also pick up packages for international shipment. The free package pickup is available for packets that will be sent by national express service, priority mail (Priority Mail), or returns from packages, and international services.

Packages must be ready for shipment before it reaches the transport. Orders must be made before the 2 AM. The maximum weight per package can be 70 pounds. You can send as many packages you want, and There is no limit to the number of packets that can be collected. The correct postage must be applied.

CONTACT US: USPS Tracking Customer Care

Pieces of mail weighing more than 13 oz, using postage stamps as postage, must be received customer by an employee at the counter sale of a post office, a contract Postal unit, or a locality of shipping approved.

United States Postal Service (USPS) use the carrier collection program to pick up packages Parcel Return Service (PRS). When you Purchase items on the Internet, and your item comes with a tag of the ERP, you can request a vehicle pickup to return the package. A vector that will be at your home or office and pick up the package to return it to the original sender.


Go to the USPS website carrier pickup to schedule a pick-up of packages ERP ( Click on the link “Pickup Carrier.”

Enter into your account by entering your username and password of the U.S. postal service. Don’t Worry If you don’t have any account, you can create a new one by clicking on the “New user” link. If one day after the withdrawal, it is not necessary to enter or to create an account, you can enter your address and postal code in the appropriate boxes.