Although online purchases have significantly improved over time, to the point that services like Amazon can put the packages on the door the next day, it is a reality that other services are something… slow. If you are a regular buyer of AliExpress, Gearbest and other stores (or if you have given yourself a treat this weekend), you will know what it is to be aware of the web to see if your package has left, where it is and how much is left to arrive.

If you wait for a packet, the web may suffice and overload you, but if you are waiting for several, the thing changes. Fortunately, several apps allow you to track your packages across the globe, discover their status and know where they are at all times. One of the most famous is R&L Tracking.

R&L Tracking is the world’s largest packet tracking service. Its main asset is that it is compatible with more than 250 carriers, from DHL and MRW to China Post, and that it is capable of tracking shipments through 220 countries. It is available in 30 languages, Spanish among them, and to date, it has already tracked more than 800 million shipments.

It has two completely free apps for iOS and Android and allows you to track up to 40 packages simultaneously. Just copy the tracking number in the app and let the magic emerge (you can import up to 10 numbers at once). The application will detect the transport company and will inform you of live of all the changes suffered by your package through push notifications. If you do not, you can always enter the carrier manually.

track carriers with r&l tracking

When you have imported all your trackings, close the app and wait. It will notify you when there are changes. If you want to check it manually, swipe down on the main screen. To know the status of a package click on it. Your location and your change history (date included) will appear.

It is not an overly complex or visually appealing application, but it works, which is what is essential. If you usually buy on AliExpress and other foreign pages, R&L is an indispensable app. Also, if you create an account, you can synchronize your tracking between different platforms (iOS, Android and web version) to know the status of your packages from anywhere.

Although r&l is a complete app, its interface may not be to everyone’s taste. There are several options available that you can use completely free of charge in most cases. One of the most famous is the Parcel, which is only available for iOS. You can follow three free packages, although you can add as many as you want, access the version and receive notifications if you pay a subscription of 3.49 euros per year. If you have an Apple iPhone, you can also try Deliveries, highly acclaimed by the community.

If you use an Android mobile, you can use Deliveries Package Tracker, which is compatible with the most famous carriers, and AfterShip, which allows you to follow packages from a large number of companies and has a web version.

Finally, if you do not need to install apps, there is a bot for Telegram called My Tracking Bot. For a primary user, it is more than enough. It offers notifications of changes of state and allows to change the alias of a package to locate it quickly. Or R&L Tracking is all you need.

Why R&L Tracking is different

We choose r&l tracking to make all our shipments since within all its characteristics, and it allows the buyer to track his order online.

The Track & Trace service of r&l allows you to track the correspondence through the barcode entry of the self-adhesive labels.

Also, it is a guarantee of a strict verification of each stage of the postal route that allows next location before any requirement.

Once the order has been sent, r&l provide the buyer with the barcode to make the query in Track & Trace.