USPS Click-N-Ship

Click-N-Ship is an Online Service offered by United States Postal Service that allows a customer to create pre-paid shipping labels for shipments like Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail Express International, Priority Mail, Priority Mail International and Global Express Guaranteed Using their Desktop/Laptop and Printer.

For More Details: USPS Customer Care Services

However, Click-N-Ship Program doesn’t support First Class Mail, First Class International, Parcel Select Ground, Stamps for Regular Letters, Certified Mail and Media Mail.

usps click n ship

After Printing and affixing the label on Package, customers may ship the package by depositing it in a USPS Tracking Office, giving it to the regular mail carrier Service provider, or requesting and Scheduling a pickup.

By using Clink-N-Ship Service Online, one can print shipping Labels on their own without a visit to the Post Office. Once you have Print Postage, You can schedule a USPS Pickup to get you shipment picked up by carrier pickup services. That’s how one can save his or her time by arranging free carrier pickup. Isn’t tit Time-Consuming?


  • Log in to your USPS Account. (Don’t worry if you do not have one, Signup for a New account)
  • Once you have Logged in, Fill up Required Information
  • Choose service Type
  • Print Labels
  • Ready you Package