USPS Shipping Calculator

USPS Shipping Calculator allows the customer to determine shipping cost. This Online Tool is your one-stop that Provides Information regarding the shipping cost. You can accurately know the costs you would require to pay for shipping a product through USPS. This tool determines the actual cost by putting some information like zip codes, date, destination, the level of service and weight of the package. This Tool is very useful as it provides customer to avoid guessing around shipping charges that allow a customer to compare other postal services providers.

How to use USPS shipping Calculator

  • Fill up the Details
    Destination, Zip Code, Details of the Content in the Package and Posting Date.
  • Now choose the Shipment type
    Choose the way you want to post it ( Letter, Large Envelope, Postcard, Package).
  • If you Select The Flat Rate Box, Then you will get to know the delivery date and shipping cost as well.
  • If you select according to Shape like a postcard, then you will need to provide details like the weight of the postcard, etc.
  • Compare between Shipping Service Providers by taping “Display all Options”.
  • Add More Services Such as Registered Mails, Insurance, etc.
  • Click on Continue to Know the total shipping cost.
  • Pay Online for you Shipments through USPS Click-n-Ship Page
    You can pay charges online for your shipments and can print the shipping label as well.

Enjoy Time Consuming Shipment Online of Free.